Fanfiction for Stargate Atlantis

Multi Chapter Fiction:

Devil Inside - A mysterious entity takes over the bodies of the members of the Atlantis Expedition. Season 3 pre-Sunday.

Dog Tags - After a team fails to return from a mission, Sheppard goes to find out why and ends up alone lost on an unknown planet with no means to return home. Shep Whump. Set in Season 3 somewhere after Sunday.


And The Rain Still Pours - The team goes to a planet and find it deserted. Is it really? Shep whump. Team fic.

The Caves of Ana - Sheppard injured and trapped inside a dangerous mountain and McKay has to help him. Friendship fic.

Five Things a Marine Needs to Know About John Sheppard - Matt is not sure how he got into this mess. One minute he was enjoying the sunrise during the most boring camp watch ever, and the next he was providing cover fire for one Lieutenant Colonel Sheppard. Original character point of view fic.


Vow - Episode tag to The Long Goodbye. Why does Thalen hates Phebus?

Unspoken - Rodney recovers from an offworld trip. Friendship fic between Ronon and Rodney

White Sand, Lilac Sky - John Sheppard encounters quicksand in his latest off-world mission.

Ghost City - AU episode tag to Tabula Rasa. The SGC wants to know why Atlantis stopped making contact.

Alone - The last moments between Rodney and John. WARNING: This is a deathfic.

Crashed - John Sheppard and Rodney McKay suffer a cliff accident.

Breathe - Sheppard runs to save a young life.

Voices in the Haze - Sheppard escapes from a sleep deprivation torture.

Not a Porn Story - Sheppard escapes from prison and torture and just wants to have some rest. Will he have it? WARNING: Crack!Fic. Rated R for adult situations.

Comfort - Sheppard walks through the aisle of the Atlantis infirmary after an offworld tragedy.

A Veil of Darkness - Sheppard is overcome by a veil of darkness. Dark fic.

Thirty Days of Sheppard Whump:

The Complete Prompt Table - This was a personal challenge that I made right after the cancelation of the series. The challenge was to write one drabble a day for a full month following a different prompt word each day.

Fics Written for the Story Lottery Challenge:

At the Top - John had always liked climbing jungle gyms.

More Than Just a Game - Rodney observes the small city with its buildings and paved streets, tiny people going on with their lives, the small vehicles parked in a straight line and little green bushes in the gardens.

Hide and Seek - John is running away from bounty hunters and needs to fight to keep going.

Just a Game of Chess - Boots smashed grass and small yellow flowers throughout the green field. The clank of armor and the shaking of the earth made the birds flee to the safety of the clouds while small bugs and butterflies weren't so lucky.

Crosswords - John and Rodney are in the infirmary. John wants to solve a crossword puzzle. Rodney doesn't.

Kids Will Be Kids - Some things never changed. Children, no matter the planet, would always be children.

PSL (Pegasus Sign Language) - The team has an interesting encounter with a primitive tribe offworld.